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The Cowboy Show
With Ken Overcast
© 2010 Bear Valley Records
Program 489                                   
May 17, 2010

Four Sections
49:00 Total Time (Including 6:00 Commercial Time)

Section One
Cow Creek by Jake Powell / PD Arrangement ã1994 Bear Valley Music BMI
Mountain Home - Jim Wilson,
Jim Wilson, Jean Prescott / Buscadero Productions
Goodbye Little Pinto - Patty Clayton , Patsy Montana
Back in Texas - Duke Davis, Duke Davis / Dukus Maximus Music BMI

Section Two
Cowgirl Cattle Call - Prickly Pair, Bill Boycott, Les Hamilton, Locke Hamilton / Grizzly Bear Publishing, Miracle Mouse Music BMI
Old Tag - Bob Peterman,
Bob Peterman / LaBrees Melody Music Publishing BMI

Section Three
Crime and Ranchin’ - Craig Chambers, Joe Merrick / Joe Merrick Music BMI
Busted Neck & Long Johns - Ed Solomon (story), (Music) Foster’s Ladies, Stephen Foster/PD Arr. Ungar, Mason & Galway
Heaven On a Horse - Kyle Evans,
Kyle Evans
Amigo - Belinda Gail, Michael Flemming, Les Buffham / New West Music ASCAP
Sioux City Sue - Lucky Bill Parrish, Freedman & Thomas Capano Music / Edwin H. Morris & Co Inc. ASCAP

Section Four
Kid Curry - Ken Overcast, Ken Overcast / Bear Valley Music BMI
(Outro) Martin’s Waltz - Barry VanWie, Traditional

Tilleman Motor Company
Northwestern Energy
American Cowboy Magazine
Bear Valley Records
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